13.369 - New features and changes


Head Developer
Staff member
Mar 24, 2019
Hey, with the update coming soon, here's a summary of the new features and changes coming to our servers (and there's plenty of them!).

Clan games

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of the clan games. We will test them during the beta tomorrow and activate them on July 1st. The proposed tasks will be the same as the clan games on the official server.


Attack with selection of armies for Self Attack and Generated Attack

From now on, when you want to make an attack on your village or on a generated village you will have the choice of 3 armies :
  • Your current army
  • Your army of challenges
  • An army with unlimited troops

Resolution of several bugs

Together with the game update we will propose a new architecture of our servers that will solve several bugs such as leaderboard bugs.

Friendly War

We are working on friendly wars and should be available soon after the game update.

Unlock all sceneries

Using the command menu, you can unlock all available sceneries.


6: Activating Future Super Troops​

At the same time as the update, we will activate all the super troops so that you can test them in advance on our servers.


Nicky Lalrochhara

New member
Aug 17, 2021
My wall is stuck in LV 14!? Can't upgrade anyway...what happen to me?
Also, i have one question, is this position to join main server clan? Like default coc game's server clan?